Size Measurement Guide –

Size Measurement Guide

E commerce has become an essential part of the businesses now. Every company / organisation relies alot on their online existance. Even brick and mortar stores are investing a lot to maintain their e comeerce activities. All businesses either physical or online have their pros and cons.

In Apparel industry, sizing is one of the most important issue. We receive lot of queries regarding size and meausrement. It is also a common practice that there is no hard and fast rule for the sizing. Even the high street stores are inconsistent across their lines. Furthermore, we have to consider different regions of the world. Mostly two size charts USA and UK are in practice by the vendors and retailers. Sizing inconsistencies also attributed to different fabrics and their styles.

The most noteworthy thing to look for when online shopping is the size chart. Clothing manufacturers will lay out bust, waist, and hips measurements in inches or centimeters that correspond to sizes. Each brand or designer uses a different scale, so it’s best to check the  measurements on which that brand bases its sizing.

Businesses faces huge losses in their revenues due to returns / exchanges from customers. We always request our customers to check their sizes before ordering with us. To address this issue, our team decided to create a size measurement guideline.

We recommend our  buyers to take help from a friend / family member. Kindly ask them to hold the tape neither too tight nor too lose. A gentle snug is fine and they will get the measurements. Please find below our size chart. We need few detailed measurements for the size.

  1. Chest
  2. Waist
  3. Shoulders
  4. Sleeves
  5. Waist
  6. Jacket Length

Measuring size:

  • Chest: This measurements is used for tops and jackets. We prefer exact fit without too much expanded chest. We will add space as per jacket style. The correct way to measure chest is to place the tape under one arm. Wrap it around the body and then note down size. Furthermore, the tape must kept as close as possible to the under arms.chest size
  • Waist: This measurement is used in tops, jackets and bottoms / trousers. Most of the brands prefer natural waist measurements located in between rib cage and belly button. But we prefer low waist. It is the point where trouser normally rides. We again emphasis for normal stomcah measures neither squeezed nor too much expanded.



  • Shoulders: This measurement is very important. Please ask a friend / family member for assistance. As described in picture, place the measuring tape at the seams of both shoulders from back.


  • Sleeves: Sleeves length varies person to person. Please ask either friend or family member for assistance. It starts from the base of the neck to the top shoulder seam and all the way down to the mid palm. Measuring tape must be held tight all the time. We prefer exact measurements with no extra added space.
  1. From the base of the neck to top shoulder seam.
  2. Top shoulder seam to mid palm.


  • Jacket Length: This measurement varies from design to design. Furthermore, it is a person’s choice whether he / she like a waist or hip length jacket. This is done with the assistance again. Person must stand still and straight. Friend / family member measures from the bottom of the neck (as shown in image) to the point where jackeet length is required. Measuring tape must be held firmly all the time.


Having your measurements ensures that you will know the best size to get for your clothes. It is an easy way to take much of the risk out of online shopping, and can be helpful if you’re looking at doing alterations to your clothes as well.

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